Truck detailing

Used Truck Cleaning

We have been cleaning transports YEAR ROUND and INSIDE our facility since 2001.  We are not seasonal, we are not cleaning it in the parking lot when the weather is nice.  We clean trucks daily and in an efficient manner to get your truck to the customer or back on the road to make you money!

Truck detailing

Smell Removal

When you basically live in a truck it can take on smells from smoking, food, dogs, sweat, etc.  We have a number of different options to help the rid those for the new owner/driver.

Truck detailing

New Truck Delivery

Presentation is everything, and when a customer is eager to get their new truck on the road we are happy to help make that happen!

Decal Removal

Changing Companies? Changing logos? Selling the truck? No matter the reason we can help remove the old decals!

Rust Proofing

You spend a lot of money on your truck why not make it last longer and look better, along with making repairs cheaper and easier when parts aren't rusted solid.  This service is done in the shop year round, not outside and seasonal and Bio-Progard doesn't drip!!