Detailing Services for Transport Trucks - Tangent Car Care


Seat Shampoo

Seats of cloth materials are pre-vacuumed and hand scrubbed with the appropriate cleaning solutions. They are then steam-cleaned with hot water and an anti-bacterial odour eliminating product.
Leather seats are cleaned with the appropriate cleaner and conditioner is applied.
$20.00 – $60.00

Floor/Carpet Shampoo

Where applicable, floor mats are hand-scrubbed and power washed. The flooring inside the truck is pre-vacuumed, sprayed with an all-purpose cleaner, hand-scrubbed and then steam cleaned with an anti-bacterial product.
Day Cab: $40.00 – $80.00
Sleeper: $50.00 – $150.00

Floor and Seat Shampoo

This package offers a cost saving combination of Seat Shampoo and Floor/Carpet Shampoo services listed above.
Day Cab: $60.00 – $120.00
Sleeper: $80.00 – $200.00

Full Interior Complete

With this service, the dash, doors, console, vents, pockets, seat undercarriage, rear compartments, storage areas, and all other vinyl areas are individually addressed and scrubbed with applicable cleaning solutions. All cloth material and carpeting is pre-vacuumed and hand-scrubbed with cleaning solutions. The upholstery is then steam-cleaned with hot water and an anti-bacterial, odour eliminating product is used. Leather seats are addressed separately, once again, with the appropriate cleaner and conditioner application.
Finally, vinyl protection is applied to the dash, doors, floors and under seats. This helps reduce fading from sun and provides a like-new shine. The windows and mirrors are cleaned with a tint-safe cleaner.
Please note: If storage compartments have personal items left in them, they will be avoided. Mattresses are not included in any of our services.
Day Cab: $100.00 – $200.00
Sleeper: $150.00 – $300.00

Waxing/Buffing & Polishing

Waxing, buffing, and polishing paint can be a wonderful way to remove minor scratches and restore the colour and shine to your truck. Buffing however, can be as easy as one step or may include multiple steps, depending on the type of paint and condition. Due to the number of variations possible with a truck’s exterior, it is important to see the truck before a definite solution is determined.
Please call for details

Sticker Removal

Gently removing those old decals and the glue reside left behind.

Odour Removal

Our odour-neutralizing machine helps remove unwanted smells from your truck’s interior, such as smoke, pet odour, mildrew, and others. This process usually takes six – eight hours to work properly, so an overnight application is suggested. It is imperative that the truck (or area of the truck) is properly cleaned beforehand to receive the best results.
Please call for details

Pick-up/Shuttle Services

We offer shuttle or pick-up and delivery to all customers in the immediate London area. There is a charge for this service, depending on the distance. There is a minimum purchase of $60.00 required. This request must be noted upon booking an appointment.

*All prices are subject to change without notice.
**We do not have the room or offer any services for trailers.