Three easy ways to protect your vehicles finish for everyone’s budget!

Nano Sealant – (1-2hrs)

This Nano technology sealant is formulated to allow the application of an additional layer of protection to practically any vehicle’s finish. This technology allows us to add a layer of protection to the vehicles paint, decals, wrap, convertible tops, windows, mirrors, chrome and even truck tonneau covers. With a life expectancy of up to 1 year it’s a great and economical product on its own or added to a cleaning package.


PPS Paint Sealant – (2-4hrs)

This buff on/buff off paint sealant has been around the industry for years, proving itself to go the distance both in independent lab testing and in the real world. Along with superior protection it adds minor scratch removal and colour enhancement to its list of qualities. A conservative life expectancy of this products protection is 2 years

Cars – $250
Vans/SUV’s – $300

One Coat Ceramic Pro – (Preferred time for application: 1.5days)

The automotive industry is a buzz with Ceramic coatings, with their features of superior protection against the elements, additional gloss enhancement and adding extra abrasion resistance to your vehicle’s paint, what’s not to love?! One Coat Ceramic Pro is a 7H ceramic coating that has been independent lab tested to compare equally with a number of the other big name players in the industry. Whether the vehicle is brand new and looking to add some protection & gloss to it or older and you’re looking to restore that like new look with additional protection, One Coat Ceramic Pro is an excellent option of most vehicles finishes.

Feel free to contact us for more info on this great product and the proper application/paint correction required for your vehicle.

Starting at $699