Our Approach

We understand that not everyone is a “car person” and that vehicles in general can be complicated to understand to someone that looks at them like means for transportation.  We pride ourselves explaining our services thoroughly and  in answering the “just a dumb questions” with as much info as we can and not making the customer feel overwhelmed or lessor for asking it.  That being said most of us here are car enthusiasts too and appreciate anyone’s desire for their car, truck, motorcycle, boat, transport etc and we care for anyone’s vehicle with the same passion we’d want ours treated with

Our Story

Opening in 1999 Tangent Car Care was purchased by owner Grant Elgie in 2001 and shortly after moved over to its present location on Micro Crt.  Over the years we have expanded our services and facility size to meet the needs of our ever growing customers. Taking the business concept “you’re either growing or shrinking” to heart, annually we look at new services that customers ask for to keep up with the ever changing market.

Meet the Team

Our President

Grant Elgie

Starting as a detailer at Tangent Car Care in 2000, Grant had a dream to eventually be an entrepreneur.  The car enthusiast bug bit him at a young age, which fuel his passion to learn as much as possible about the detailing industry.  When Tangent Car Care became for sale in 2001 it was like it was destined to happen.  You’ll find Grant at the shop most of the time its open the doors are open, between greeting customer and cleaning cars he’s onsite to help.