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We have a detailing service to suit your need and budget! From spot cleaning to show cars, from cleaning to sell it to protecting your baby. At Tangent Car Care we take care of your vehicle like one of our own, ensuring complete, professional service every time!

Apart from your home, your car is probably the most valuable possession you own, so we strive for nothing less than perfection. This isn’t just a place to throw soap and water on your car, it is an experience that you won’t forget. Since 1999, our friendly staff has been cleaning, detailing, and protecting cars in London with only the highest quality products and detailing services.



What our customers are saying:

“I couldn’t believe it; the guys at Tangent Car Care breathed new life into my old car. My co-worker even thought I got new rims! Simply amazing job guys…Thank you!”

Liane S.

“I just picked up my black 3 series from a full detail and hardly recognized the car. I haven’t seen it shine like that since I bought it and the service was great!”

Matt H.

“Got my car done today and after two years of neglect, the magic Tangent did made my car look just as new as it did when I bought it from the dealership! Totally amazing transformation!”

Luis A.

“My Explorer is 12 years old and people thought I got a new car after having it detailed. When I tell them its older, they’re stunned by the shine that Tangent brought back to it. If you ever wanted to fall in love with your car again without buying new, have these guys take care of it. You’ll be happy you did!”

Martin S.

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