Full Interior Complete (5-6hrs) 

  • Deluxe Exterior Wash
  • Dash, doors, vents, cup holders cleaned and conditioned
  • Complete hand scrub and anti-bacterial hot shampoo of seats, carpet, floor mats and trunk
  • Leather cleaned and treated
  • Windows cleaned
  • Door and trunk jams cleaned
  • Door and trunk rubbers conditioned
  • Exterior chrome and plastics cleaned and treated
  • Quick wax applied

Cars: $150.00 – $200.00
Van/SUV: $200.00 – $250.00  

Headlight Refinishing (1-2hrs)

Most approach this service by sanding and polish the plastic. This will work, but it doesn’t last. We take this service to next level by applying a UV resistant clear coat that is suggested by the manufacture to last 3 years.

Most headlights $100.00

(detached marker lights and fog lights not included)

Fallout Removal (1+hrs)

These unsightly little rust dots typically found on the lower area of your vehicle are known to the industry as Fallout. The #1 cause for fallout is brake dust but can also be caused by iron foundries and metal grindings (ie construction or body shops).

Starting at $75.00

(ask about package pricing)

ALL-CITY Dent Repair

Tired of unsightly dents and dings making your vehicle look older than it really is, or maybe you’re trying to avoid unnecessary charges after returning your lease. Whatever the reason let our fully trained PAINTLESS dent service do their magic to get your vehicle looking like it never happened. Pricing at a fraction of bodywork.  We exclusively use All-City Dent Repair at our facility and can be booked thru us our them.


Accelerated Interior Complete (3-4hrs)

  • Deluxe Exterior Wash
  • Dash, doors, vents, cup holders cleaned and conditioned
  • Complete vacuum of seats, carpet, floor mats and trunk
  • Windows cleaned
  • Door and trunk jams cleaned
  • Door and trunk rubbers conditioned
  • Quick wax applied

Cars: $100.00 – $150.00
Van/SUV: $150.00 – $200.00

Motorcycle Detail

Is the two wheel life apart of yours? We ride and clean bikes too! Since every bike is as unique as its owner its best to call us for pricing.


Starting at $75

Aquapel Rain Repellant (0.5-1hrs)

Aquapel is a great way to increase your vision while driving in the rain and winter snow/slush.  Its a must for anyone that does any amount of driving and is favourite among our customers.



(ask about package pricing)

Contamination Removal

Whether it’s paint overspray, tree sap, undercoated overspray, or unknown material that is stuck on the outside of your vehicle, this process will help the safe removal.


(ask about package pricing)

Creative Colors Upholstery Repair

Cigarette burns, worn leather, sun faded vinyl, or permanent stains are challenges that our professional tackles daily without so much as breaking a sweat. A great way to avoid costly lease return fees or just making an accident “unhappen”.  We exclusively use Creative Colors International at our facility.

Deluxe Exterior Wash

Known as the area’s most intense exterior wash. Including cleaning rims, tires, wheel wells, road grime, bugs and minor fallout removal all included. We only use a 100% wax safe soap and microfiber wash equipment.  Offered exclusively as part of our packages.

New Vehicle Protection Package (2-3 hrs)

Stop over paying by skipping the dealer and skipping the valueless protection warranties

  • Application of our Nano Sealant
  • Application of our fabric protection
  • Application of Aquapel rain repellent
  • Full explanation of why protection warranties aren’t worth the paper they are printed on

Cars: $200.00
Van/SUV: $250.00

*this can be offered with our PPS or One Coat Ceramic for an additional cost*

Boat & Watercraft Detailing

Not every part of life is spent on dry land, so give us a call to get your fun in the sun (on the water) toy cleaned!  Since there are so many options its hard to list pricing, give us a shout to discuss your need and we will work out a price for you!


Fabric Protection 

Our water based transparent protect helps repel spills from staining your vehicles interior fabric. 2-3 coats of the product ensure proper coverage. The vehicle must be new or cleaned properly to be applied correctly

Cars: $75.00
Van/SUV: $100.00

(ask about package pricing)

Window Tint

Whether you’re looking for security, to reduce the heat in the summer or it’s the looks you want to achieve, window tinting has many benefits. With 2 decades of experience our expert in tinting has won many awards and is second to none in this area for his quality and craftsmanship.


Contact us for pricing and availability

green_navy gift


Looking for the perfect gift for the vehicle owner in your life? Available in any dollar amount or for any package we offer.  It's a great idea for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  No matter the occasion celebrate it with cleaning!

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